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Dino Bray

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About Me

As a lifetime native of the Knoxville area, Dino is both proud and thankful to call East Tennessee home. Proud because of the area’s rich tradition and heritage, and thankful because of the warm and wonderful people who inhabit this region. Dino went to school here locally at Carter High School in Strawberry Plains and earned his B.A. with a double major in History and Religion from Carson Newman University in Jefferson City, TN. Dino’s professional career has involved a double focus as well, like his college days. With many years of sales experience in the construction equipment industry, Dino developed the skills of a seasoned negotiator with a drive to work hard and win with integrity. As a pastor/teacher for churches in the Knoxville area, Dino has learned how to teach and nurture in a way that enables others to learn, grow, and succeed. Dino’s approach to helping others buy or sell a home is the same as his life experience. Work hard every day with integrity and help others to succeed. Dino is married to his high school sweetheart and has 3 children and three “perfect” grandchildren (grandparent’s prerogative here).

Areas Served

Dino serves both buyers and sellers in the entire Knoxville market, including the surrounding counties of Anderson, Blount, Loudon, Roane, Jefferson, Grainger, Hamblen, and Sevier. With a lifetime of experience living, working, and serving others in East Tennessee, you will be hard-pressed to find an area of East Tennessee that Dino is not familiar with.

When buying a home, there are many things to discover before trying to find that “perfect” house you will eventually call home. As a buyer’s agent, Dino will meet with you to discover and understand your
real needs and expectations, help you with referrals from trusted sources and guide you through the maze of contracts, negotiations, and inspections to make the home-buying process a smooth and
enjoyable one. Selling a home is not a bake sale; it is a competition. And to win the competition with every other home
on the market, you must understand the game. There are only 3 things that determine whether a house sells: condition, marketing, and price. Dino specializes in real-time market analysis and will guide you to the big win in your market by helping you prepare your house to sell, market your house to thousands of potential buyers, and price your house competitively within your market. When you are ready for a win,
call on Dino.

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